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OVERVIEW         SICORT  places itself among world leaders in the field of heat treatment equipment manufacturing and related accessories.

In 1967 was incorporated conceived by farsighted Eng. Orzi and, in the following years, Mr. Maurizio Mora joined its employee team. When Eng. Orzi decided it was time for him to retire, Maurizio Mora took the helm of SICORT.

The Company remained on top of technology levels ever since, thanks to Mr. Mora ongoing dedication and commitment to research and innovation.

GLOBAL               As of today, SICORT covers with Dealers and Sales Representatives the following areas:


  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North Africa
  • Far East

PRODUCTS         SICORT offers a more than complete range of heat treatment Induction and resistance equipment, starting from the small, 50 kVA ETTS 50, all the way up to the big and powerful 100 kVA CTR 100-R12C and 160kVA CTR IND 160.

If all of the above is not enough, we can study dedicated and customized solutions following Customers requirements. We also supply a wide range of accessories which will enable You to work at the top of your potential.

All of our equipment is, certified, a guarantee of trials and testing performed by external certifying institutions ensuring full compliance with European applicable laws currently in force.

2008:                 In 2008, Mr. Maurizio Mora founded SICORT-HTS S.r.l.

2013:               In 2013, Mr. Maurizio Mora founded SICORT Middle East Heat Treatment FZ LLC

2020:              In 2020, Mr. Fabio Conforte joined the Group  and we developed new Induction systems and started a service center for induction and resistance machines and for welding machines

THE TURNING   POINT    In order to keep pace with a rapidly changing world, with ever growing demands and priorities, SICORT-HTS is increasingly dedicated both to sought-after “Rental Services”, and to international markets, especially in the Middle East.

We have long experience in the Non-Destructive Testing field and heat treatment services, which are normally carried out nowadays by SICORT-HTS in cooperation with  partner companies.

Therefore, SICORT GROUP main target is constant innovation, both in new equipment manufacturing and in services dedicated to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Boiler-Building companies, as well as Power Plants, Shipyards, Off-Shore Drilling, etc. supplying them with all of our experience in Heat Treatment and N.D.T.

SICORT Middle East  process a wide variety of component sizes to exacting standards with reliable, repeatable results. Heat treatment operations are managed by engineers and technicians of Sicort in Dubai with experience and expertise to provide a real understanding of customer needs.

Operating an international network of facilities, and serving a wide range of industries, SICORT Dubai  are the world’s largest and most respected provider of thermal processing services – a vital link in the manufacturing supply chain.

SICORT Middle East Heat Treatment FZ LLC

License Number 7457/2015
PO Box 487177 Dubai UAE
Tel: +971 50 1179474    Nico de Corato
Tel: +39 349 2526352  Fabio Conforte


Our HQ: S.I.CO.R.T. S.r.l.

FIDENZA (PR) – Loc. Castione Marchesi , 268/b ITALY
Tel.: +39.0524.678.00 – Fax: +39.0524.672.88


Branches: SICORT HTS

FIDENZA (PR) – Loc. Castione Marchesi , 268/b ITALY
Tel.: +39.0524.678.00 – Fax: +39.0524.672.88


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